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C.B.G Printing Doctor Blades

Family company estabilished in the 1930s.

Fourth generation at the helm. Company specialised in the transformation of Swedish strip steel into high precision products.

Respect of customers, suppliers, employees, environment.

Total Quality management system from raw material acceptance to product delivery.

Millions of meters distributed all over the world.

                                                                       STEEL GRADES

                                                                     EDGE PROFILES


                                                     WING LAMELLA

                                        WHY A 1st CLASS BLADE


Uniform&slow blade wear depend on:

Pure chemical composition

small size of carbides

high density(no porosity)

Lack of non metallic inclusions

fine carbide dispersion through steel section

Undifferentiated metallurgical structure

                   SUPER REFINED 1000x                                       STANARD 1000x


Strict straightness tolerance:

perfect parallelism blade-cylinder  

low working pressure

uniform blade wear all through its length

long blade lasting


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